Published on
November 28th, 2022

For Sonnet Summary #2, here is a Paul Rayner post that changed how I thought about software development (and most everything else). BDD is a Centered Community Rather than a Bounded Community.

As a sonnet:

Behavior-Driven Development is
A centered set. It’s not a bounded one.
A community moving, not a quiz
On the border of those in, and those shunned.

Describe software from the stakeholders’ view.
That’s what BDDers do more than they
Automate tests or fix the failing hues.
Forget red to green apples. Thrive in grey.

The category has variations.
Members move toward and away the true eye.
Those far out with forward ambulations
Outshine the expert, listless, alumni.

If you value “Agile” or BDD,
Increase their centers’ values’ gravity.

Read the original post.