Published on
November 14th, 2022

Gonna try out a new content format: Sonnet Summaries.

What if I take the blog posts/videos/presentations that I reference most often and summaries them in sonnet form?

For instance, I reference this Ted Talk about trust in the workplace from Frances Frei about once a month: How to build (and rebuild) trust.

As a sonnet:

You need three things to earn coworkers’ trust:
Empathy, Logic, Authenticity
Form a stable stool that you can adjust.
But the stool wobbles in toxicity.

The most common wobble is empathy.
And too little time crowds empathy out.
Things get hard and it cycles endlessly.
Put your phone away to avoid trust droughts.

If your logic is bad, you’re on your own.
More likely though your logic is buried.
Start with your point. Make it plain and then hone
The supporting ideas you carried.

Leaders make it safe for the selves to show.
When authentic people appear, we grow.

I first posted this Sonnet Summary on LinkedIn on a whim and it blew up, largely thanks to Frances Frei's engagement.