Published on
February 14th, 2023

I really enjoyed this DevRelCon and presentation from Daniel Bryant that framed PLG as rallying point for cross-functional efforts. I've seen (and often been caught up in) so much turbulence around the role of DevRel. This presentation has a nice and grounded perspective.

As a sonnet:

Done well, PLG will break barriers
inside companies and drive revenue.
When Dev Advocates are the carries
of stories, you get focused follow through.

Developer relations teams have walked
your customers' pathways from end to end.
When you hypothesize and then concoct
a product change, ask DevRel if it'll blend.

They find where the value is and they know
when to shout "ah ha!" Like your customers
who hate the hard sell, telling friend from faux.
Build a crossing team or you're lost; over.

PLG hinges on virality.
DevRel sorts dreams from the reality.

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