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Drupal 7 to 8 Migration Diary (Part 4): migrating remote files and swapping a service class

Blog Post: Published on 2016-09-12

I’ve been hearing about the marvels of services for years as Drupal 8 was developed. I had never replaced a service for a real site. I’m glad it worked as well as promised.

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Drupal 7 to 8 Migration Diary (Part 3): Regression found

Blog Post: Published on 2016-06-12

I think the main lesson I’m learning here is that I do still need regression tests for my migrations.

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Drupal 7 to 8 Migration Diary (Part 2): Using Configuration Installer to delay a canonical database

Blog Post: Published on 2016-06-11

Of the three, the database is easiest element to mess up and the hardest to fix after a mistaken change.

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Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration Diary (Part 1): What have I gotten myself into?

Blog Post: Published on 2016-06-05

So it’s a typical side project. Some parts are handled with great care. Some are sloppy and out of date.

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The year gone by, the months ahead

Blog Post: Published on 2016-05-29

In September 2015 I was very excited to join Pantheon.

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Drupalcon Los Angeles presentations

Blog Post: Published on 2015-06-01

“Is the job of a Drupal theme to look like a design or to be the design?”

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I graphed my skyrocketing exclamation point usage!

Blog Post: Published on 2014-01-09

I parsed over three years of my Google Voice data to look for exclamation points in my sent messages.

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Make your Drupal 8 theme easier to maintain with this one weird trick (Twig’s “extends” concept)

Blog Post: Published on 2013-10-27

Heavy use of the “extends” concept in Twig will start when developers start building Drupal 8 sites and adding site-specific themes.

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Fixing typos with Jekyll and Github

Blog Post: Published on 2013-08-08

Github can help rid us of the most annoying part of the web: comments, typos.

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Plugin Haikus – Drupalcon Portland presentation

Blog Post: Published on 2013-06-30

Give it a context
And some configuration.
Get back TRUE or FALSE.

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Another Jekyll blog

Blog Post: Published on 2013-06-30

Managing content with git will produce other unexpected modes of collaborating and I’m exciting to have a blog that can be a part of this shift.

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