At work, and for personal fun, I like to make silly videos that capture or explain the difficulties of modern web development.

Overloaded with Initialisms

This video takes a slide I made to communicate the meaning of "WebOps" and turns it into a comedy sketch.

Five Steves is too many

The Test-Driven Development Dream

I first had the idea for this video when preparing for a Twin Cities DrupalCamp presentation called, Automated Testing, Right Now. The far-out ideal of Test-Driven Development often stops teams from trying automated testing in the present.

I drank a lot of La Croix

What Computer Assembles the Website?

This question, "What Computer Assembles the Website" was a staple of internal work and conference presentations of mine like The Cliff of Complexity since I led Pantheon's exploration of decoupled architectures in 2020. This seemingly simple question can be answered in many, many ways.

I've been asking this question a lot

Composer Update

Most passive-aggressive bug report ever: